Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization
Long gone are the days of having a business name that starts with “A1,” to get you to the top of the Yellow Pages. The new buzz is Local Search Optimization. Local search refers to the inclusion of relevant geographical and localized keywords (cities, streets, zip codes, etc.) to search terms that pertains to your business. It also refers to locally focused search engines such as Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, etc. to find business services in a particular area, town or zip code.

Do you serve a local market? Only concerned about local sales? We specialize in Local Maps SEO for clients nationwide like moving companies, oil/c.o.d. delivery, pizza shops, real estate agents, dentists and insurance agents who target a local audience. These traditional brick-and-mortar businesses benefit from higher rankings and positioning in the major search engines and directories.

Google Map Optimization
If you’re not on the page of one of Google’s local listings, then you’re missing out on more than 90% of potential search traffic, which your competition is now acquiring. Our Local SEO service will optimize your local listing so you can get a jump on your competition for those top spots. Even the smallest improvements in local rankings can mean huge increases in traffic and ultimately foot traffic to your local business.

We begin the process by optimizing your Google+ Local page and list your business with key local directories like Yahoo! Local, CitySearch and Yelp. In addition, we work with the major GPS directories, to have your business listed and found by your customers. We run extensive keyword and competitive research to determine the target phrases for which your business should be found, and we work with you to incorporate ratings and reviews into your business process.